Firefighters / EMTs / First Responders



Joe Calhoun

Firefighter / Treasurer


Joe started serving the Sorgho community in 1985. Joe started as a firefighter and worked his way through the ranks from Lieutenant, Captain, assistant Chief to Chief. Joe continues to provide his knowledge and experience to the Sorgho Fire Dept.  Joe currently serves as a firefighter and treasure of the Airport-Sorgho Fire Dept. Joe has over 2,788 training hours and over 145 instructor hours.

Amanda Cox

Firefighter / EMR    #722


Nick Cox

Firefighter / EMT    #721


Nick started serving the Sorgho community in 2005. Nick has over 450 training hours.  Nick also works full time as an EMT at Yellow Ambulance.

Matt Kamuf

Firefighter / EMT    #702


Matt started serving the Sorgho community in 2004 as a firefighter. Matt also serves as an EMT and is employed with Yellow Ambulance here in Daviess County. Matt has over 1,639 training hours.

Jared Peacock.jpg

Jared Peacock

Firefighter / EMT    #769



Lisa Rafferty



Jeff Renfrow

Firefighter / EMR    #771


Jeff started serving the Sorgho community in 2007. Jeff has over 499 training hours.

Timothy Shock

Firefighter / EMR    #776


Tim started serving the Sorgho community 2010, and has over 435 training hours.

Stuart Snow

Firefighter / EMR    #822


Stuart joined the Airport-Sorgho Fire Department in 2011 and has over 720 training hours.

Not Pictured

Ashley Adams - Firefighter

Jason Beyer - Firefighter

Lucas Bullis - Firefighter

Sarah Cockerell - Firefighter

Josh Harrington - Firefighter / Paramedic

Corbin Jewell - Firefighter
Jenny Johnson - Firefighter

Cody Ramburger - Firefighter / EMT

Carl Shock - Firefighter

Dorian Taylor - Firefighter


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