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Firefighters / EMTs / First Responders




Ashley Adams



Ashley joined ASFD in 2018. She works full-time for the Kentucky Division of Air Quality and is a graduate student at Western Kentucky University. Through both her job, and as a graduate assistant with WKU, she is affiliated with the Green River Firefighters Association. Ashely is 150 hour certified, and has over 549 hours of training.


Hayden Bullis

Firefighter / EMT    #778

Hayden joined ASFD in 2020. Hayden earned his EMR in 2021 and has over 136 hours of training. Hayden is also a full-time student at Brescia University.


Amanda Cox

Firefighter / EMR    #722

Amanda Cox joined ASFD in 2014 and has over 441 hours of training.


Nick Cox

Firefighter / EMT    #721

Nick joined ASFD in 2005. Nick has over 858 training hours.  Nick has multiple years of experience in EMS, working for a local ambulance service and at a regional trauma center/emergency department. 


Jenny Johnson

Firefighter / EMT    #769

Jenny Johnson joined ASFD in 2017. Jenny has over 648 training hours. She is employed by Swedish Match where she also serves as an industrial firefighter and Assistant Chief of the Emergency Response Team.


Brandon Pate

Firefighter / EMR    #779


Brandon joined ASFD in 2020 and has over 172 hours of training.


Tim Shock

Firefighter / EMR    #776


Tim joined ASFD in 2010 and has over 892 hours of training. 


Amy Staves


Amy Staves joined ASFD in 2010 and has over 714 hours of training. Amy received an Outstanding Service Award in 2011, 2012, and 2016. She also received a Unit Citation for Life Saving Award in 2015.


Pavel Zbořil

Firefighter / Paramedic    #770

Pavel joined ASFD in 2019 and has over 586 hours of training. He is also a full-time firefighter/EMT for Daviess County Fire Department. 

Not Pictured

Ian Clark - Firefighter/EMT #720

Tyler Higgs - Firefighter (Probationary)

Brady Johnson - Firefighter (Probationary)

Jarred Lanham - Firefighter/EMT #771

Jason Pickrell - Firefighter/EMT #770

Jude Pickrell - Junior Firefighter

Kobe Polston - Firefighter (Probationary)

Ian Powers - Firefighter (Probationary)

Aidan Robinson - Firefighter/EMT

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